Enerplus pays monthly cash dividends to our shareholders. Dividends are paid from the cash flow generated from the sale of our oil and natural gas production.

Effective with the October 2014 dividend, all dividends will now be paid on or about the 15th day of the month, approximately five days earlier than previously paid. All record dates and ex-dividend dates will also be adjusted accordingly with future record dates being on or about the last business day of the previous calendar month. For U.S. shareholders, dividends are converted into US$ on the payment date. We continue to expect that all dividends paid by Enerplus are considered an “eligible dividend” for Canadian tax purposes. For U.S. income tax purposes, Enerplus’ dividends are considered “qualified dividends”. Click here for more information on the tax treatment of Enerplus’ dividends.

2015 Dividend Payment Schedule

Month Payment Date Record Date Ex-Dividend Date Announcement Date Pmt Amount
January January 15, 2015 December 31, 2014 December 29, 2014 December 18, 2014 $0.09 $0.0754
February February 17 February 2 January 29 January 22 $0.09 $0.0726
March March 16 February 27 February 25 February 17 $0.09 $0.0706
April April 15 March 31 March 27 March 20 $0.05 TBD
May May 15 April 30 April 28 April 20 TBD TBD
June June 15 May 29 May 27 May 19 TBD TBD
July July 15 June 30 June 26 June 19 TBD TBD
August August 14 July 30 July 28 July 20 TBD TBD
September  September 15 August 31 August 27 August 20 TBD TBD 
October October 15 September 30 September 28 September 18 TBD  TBD
November November 16 October 30 October 28 October 20 TBD TBD 
December December 15 December 1 November 27 November 20 TBD TBD

*U.S. amounts are estimates only, based on exchange rates published on date of payment.

** The dividend announcement would ordinarily have been June 28th, however we announced the dividend reduction effective for the July dividend payment date early.


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Last Updated: April 29th, 2014
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